Thursday, November 20, 2008

MSDN WPF Forums : Hit a 100!

On September 24th 2008, I decided that I would like to improve my WPF skills. By that time, I already had decent understanding of some important concepts in WPF (minus Hit-Testing, Commands). And I always believed that contributing to forums helps others and at the same time it gives you great knowledge - you try things for others and in the process you learn something new with every post you make.

Finally, I reached 100+ answers which means that 103 of my posts were answers to the questions. It is a nice feeling to help people with 100 issues - big or small, it does not matter.


So, I gave 103 answers in less than 2 months, which I think is pretty decent given that I am working full-time and also a graduate student at UGA.

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