Thursday, May 24, 2007

I learnt AJAX!!!

I just updated my Graduate Web Page at
It was a good learning experience to come up with some decent color combinations. I used online color picker tools, well I dont have the link for the tools I used, but here is one good article that gives interesting insights on color-combinations.

I developed a similar tool in ASP.NET, first using non-AJAX approach and then made the application an AJAX one. It was a great feeling to develop an AJAX application and trust me, with ASP.NET AJAX, we can develop AJAXify any web application in no time and absolutely zero coding.
Here is what I did!
1. First I created a User Control, which had the pallette selection. Then drag and drop ScriptManager control and UpdatePanel on a new ASPX page.
2. Drag and drop the User Control you just created into the Update Panel.
3. Compile and run! all the changes in the page are ajaxified!!!
Absolutely no coding!!!!

I always felt that I lacked good color scheme selection ability, but now with my own tool, I can select a variety of themes!!!
I hope I have some online ASPX Web Hosting service. I intend to buy an ASPX portal very soon and then I can upload the tools I make once a while!