Thursday, December 11, 2008

Shoestring toolkit for startup projects

Integrated Development Environments

Database Environment

  • SQL Server Express 2008 (available in the above download page)

Web Framework

More Frameworks might be added based on requirements.



No code would be accepted without proper tests and high code-coverage. More on it during our discussions.

Source Control

Register with and give me your username. I would later post the details on how to checkout the source code. I would also show you on how to work with the source control using TortiseSVN tools. All our source code checks into the xp-dev project repository. More details later. For now, download the SVN tools from here.

Additional tools

  • Code Analysis – FxCop
  • Text Editor – InType
  • Command Line - PowerShell (Pick your version - x86 or x64 based on your CPU)
  • XAML Editor - KaXAML (for some XAML/WPF/Silverlight learning)
  • Paint.NET – Graphics
  • .NET Reflector - I will give you later, when required.

Feel free to comment on what you think or if you have good general tools in mind, advice me.