Wednesday, April 09, 2008

What's with Orkut?

So orkut is owned by Google - nice move by Google to make itself believe that its in all domains on the internet. Agreed Google is great but what I find strange is that Orkut still runs on ASP.NET and I guess, even the newer developments in orkut are using ASP.NET. And we should not forget that google and microsoft are no friends.
So is orkut well designed?
I guess not. I show you two screen shots of my profile taken at the same time...I know what is wrong and I consider it to be a silly thing. so what is the problem? I see different scrap count in the profile page for every two clicks ... and yeah it has nothing to do with the clicks. I guess it is the problem with caching that does(actually the caching that these people has implemented.

how long does it take to fix?
Things are so sweet with that you can design a full fledged portal like orkut in no time. I bet it would take some avg dev like me to write orkut in one week with no bugs. and yeah I did one version of orkut in java servlets and I am confident about what i say. So to fix these problems, it would not take more than 30 minutes.

So my final thoughts are - if you hate something, hate it properly, if you like something then do not act as if you hate it. By the way, I do not hate orkut, I just do not like the way its being taken care of. Google, if it sucks(along with Microsoft) then why would you want to use it. Use GWT and rewrite orkut, your "smart" developers whom you pick after 10 rounds of interviews(out of which 6 tests your english), could rewrite orkut in no less than a week. That way you would not have dummies like me pointing fingers. Rewrite orkut else make it even better. Look at facebook - its done in php and it is an awesome application.

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