Saturday, December 08, 2007

What next?

The semester is almost over. Two more exams and I will be done with the Fall 2008 semester at UGA. Looking back, one question that every student should probably ask himself is "Was I a good student?" By that I just mean what did I learn this semester? Well, I should say it was not the most inspiring semester I had in my student life, but definitely one of the hectic semester. I did learn a lot about simulation, especially parallel, distributed simulation, worked on my thesis to a great extent, participated in international capture the flag competition, attended an unsuccessful interview, realized that I am good but not good enough to become one of the best developers for a company. I developed a bad game, developed a great soccer simulator, developed a good library that can be used to develop P2P-ized applications, worked a lot on web crawling, evaluated a lot of "browser" frameworks, worked on SWT, worked on Silverlight, worked on VS 2008 Beta 2, taught a thing or two to my friends about .NET, read a lot about web security, read a lot of papers on simulation. Keeping all this in view I should say that it has been a very eventful semester. Things have been pretty bad on the personal front, but I guess thats the way I become more strong and better.
I really am looking forward for the next year. I hope it would be a totally different year and I hope it would be the way I want it to be. As a new year resolution, I plan to quit smoking right from the 31st. I know it is bad and I should not smoke.
Coming to the technical front, I have few holidays coming this month and I hope to work on the following.

You should see this presentation and would know why I chose these...
1. Java Server Faces
2. Struts 2
3. Spring
4. Tapestry
5. Wicket, Stripes
6. Tiles, SiteMesh

I feel my resume is more of .NET and I really am not that bad at Java and neither am I that good at .NET. I really was good at .NET till 1.1 I used to know quite a lot of 1.1, be it asynchronous calls or anything else that complex, I was good at it. But not any more. .NET is now an ocean and my knowledge is really now very little. But the job front on Java Web looks more promising and it would probably add more value to my resume if i can develop applications on both JAva and .NET platforms. Let me see where my learning would go!


suri said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi bhargav,
its gr8 to hear that you are quitting smoking!!i am really impressed and i am very happy to hear that!!! When i read your blog, it inspires me alot in learning things.

Thanks for ur frndship ra!!!take care...dont let down urself with very minor incidents in ur life...u have gr8 future yet to be come...

with love,