Saturday, October 27, 2007

C# 3.0 - Changes ! Learn them Quick!

Thanks to Mike Taulty, famous for MSDN Nuggets, that I started to learn LINQ. Will post the exact link sometime later.
But these are the various LINQ techs coming up:
1. LINQ to SQL
2. LINQ to XML
3. LINQ to Entities
4. DLinq
5. BLinq
and much more.

Before that I would recommend to learn the new changes in C# 3.0. The nuggets could be found here

I am yet to watch these videos and once done! I would post some hello world! kind of programs that can help people like me to learn easily. Most of these videos usually use a very complex kind of examples and sometimes it is good while sometimes it is not so good!

More later...


Anonymous said...

for best tut on Linq u can go through scott gutheri blog..there are awesome articles on it.

Krishna Bhargava Vangapandu said...

I find ScottGu's ASP.NET Tips and Tricks the best on the internet.