Monday, August 13, 2007

my views on destiny

Life goes on with or without a person being happy. There is nothing that one can do in particular about being happy. I have tried my best to lead a disciplined life, the life that one who loves me feels proud about. But it is all trash, that i got to know after a few years of toil and few months of severe pain. You will have to face what it comes towards you even if you are principled or would want to lead a normal life. Doing good to others would take you no where and if you think your doing good to others would ensure you a peaceful life, then you are mistaken. It is these very principles that would make you suffer the most. If you had been not so principled then you would not give a damn about others and then when a person deserts you, you would not have to worry much because you dont give a damn.
What do you want in life?
Well this is one question that you should never ask yourself, the moment you ask the question, you tend to think on what you dont have in life that you want the most and that makes you extremely unhappy. I know that, I have experienced that. And trust me in most of the cases I am better because I did not ask for something that no one could get. It was just that I was craving for a thing that I dont deserve, I guess. Make sure you dont ask that question to yourself. Trust me, by default its always happiness that you want. Had I got what I wished for the most, then I would definitely be happy. But some lives are that way, they dont get what they want right from the time they get their senses. My life has never been normal, I have seen all types of unhappiness that a normal middle class person can see. Thank to anyone who is responsible that I never had a problem to eat or to live. But then I have seen all kinds of problems - I have seen poverty, I have seen break-ups, I have seen much more complicated things and hell with God, I have seen everything that no one would probably wish to see. Live for your parents and do what they want you to do, then you would be the most happiest person on earth. Do not love any one, because it leaves you with pain and gives you nothing but unhappiness. Anyway unless someone dies, they doesnt know the pain of death.

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