Thursday, March 29, 2007

Mean Shift Tracking in Java

After long long attempts to learn - understand the Mean Shift tracking, I have finally implemented the Kernel Based Object Tracking in Java. First I have tried to implement the tracker in openCV but I had some problems with the rectangle selection(the bounding box) so I moved back to Java and implemented the code offline using Java Media FrameWork. I have written a nice small class using JMF which we can use to extract frames out of a given Video file. There is no support for WMV format - it says NoPlayerException and some DivX formats, but then most of the files were played successfully.

My tracking results are shown below. Shown are the first, 19th and the 10th frame of a striker - video courtesy "WEB".


Unknown said...

hi ur post is nice.I am doing project on this. I need source code for this.Can u plz post or mail me the code?

loony said...

can you help me with the source code or other information about your project?
my email is
thanks a lot in advance