Thursday, October 12, 2006

Speed launch of Studio products

Its been around 6 months since I used Visual Studio and worked on any .NET application. So I am having problem of amensia - memory loss!! :D I have been using the /nosplash option with Visual Studio since long, since I started real coding on .NET! But sitting idle in my office and browsing the internet, it took me a long time to recall "what was the option that I used to quickly launch Visual Studio?". It is the "/nosplash option, which you can give in the TARGET of your Visual Studio project. For example, you can launch the Visual Studio from Start->Run and type "devenv". You can see the usual Splash screen. Its very elegantly designed, but still I dont want to see it everytime I start Visual Studio(I used to launch Visual Studio around 20-30 times a day!) So you can use this handy tip. Type
"devenv /nosplash" and press enter. And Splash!!! your Visual Studio is straight up! and working fine!

This post is just to make sure that incase I forget that myself, I know where to look out !

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