Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Height of Sincerity!

well the title would not make any sense for another two to three days. Thanks to my colleagues that I am nominated for the Best Learner and Best Guide awards for the FLP batch. Friday, the 13th! is a big day for us, FLPites. Its our Graduation day and the day when we get a hint of our "what next?"

Old habits die hard and my taste for .NET still remains. So I often keep browsing about Microsoft and .NET. In that process I read some excellent blogs. One such blog is here. Its an index of Various "How-to-deploy" on Visual Studio. It is a must-look!

I would not change the heading of my blog. But I would like to post few comments on the currently technology I am working on! Surprisingly, inspite of not liking the platform, I am doing pretty well on Mainframes! As a developer who fine tuned his programming skills among OBJECTS, working on COBOL, developing applications with CICS appears awful. But still, you have to do it.

One thing that we should appreciate about coding Cobol on Mainframes is, with the tools I used so far, I now feel that I can survive coding without the help of Visual Studio or Eclipse or any IDE for that matter. If you can manage a project on TSO, trust me, you can do wonders with Visual Studio and other IDEs.

There is a lot to learn about Mainframes - CICS, COBOL and JCL! But still somehow I feel I dont belong here. I plan to move to .NET professionally too....

More insights later. I also plan to post tips/guide for mainframe beginners! Now - I aint a beginner anymore and I do have valuable suggestions and tips on Mainframes too!

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