Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Its been quite a long time since i posted an entry here. I was busy with all my work, exams, projects, jobwork, learning, movies and a lot more :)
Well ASP.NET 2.0 is too good to work with. We can make excellent and very powerful controls by mixing some of the already existing controls. And yeah! I did try and made one. I worked recently on "making a Tab Control in 2.0" and also a "Scrollable Datagrid". In the later entries i would post some tutorial on both.
Also Microsoft is giving great support for ASP.NET, probably ignoring the Windows Applications a bit. And trust me, I am seeing more and more Asp.NET 2.0 website projects everyday and very soon we get to see as many 2.0 projects as that in PHP! Definitely an excellent technology to learn and not only that Microsoft has provided excellent video tutorials for free ! there are two sets of tutorials - one "How do I?" series and the other is a Visual Web Developer Express tutorials. Both of them are available for free download at

more links available at

And guess what they are giving more publicity for VWD than that for Visual Studio 2005 and that too when VWD is for free. They have seriously had some tough competition from Eclipse which is no doubt an excellent IDE and is for free. So they probably want to give something for free which would not effect the sales of VS 2005 and at the time is as powerful as that.

Even I got to watch those videos and once i get the time, i would love to watch and learn more about ASp.NET 2.0

Next post i would talk about servlets and their issues. A bit depricated but really good like any other Java Technologies!

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