Saturday, December 17, 2005


Hi all,
This is Krish, from India. This is my attempt towards maintaining a blog. Basically i am very busy person(lazy!!) and i am not sure how long am i going to maintain this blog.
well let me tell you that i am kind of crazy person and i am going to post only Technical, Programming and my work related stuff over here. Those who are interested can visit my blog for regular information about my search, my research and my re-research :))
well for now, let me use some shorthand notation - i am in the process of making a tutorial on Jaa Scripting Languages and as the first part i would start with BeanShell, a very easy scripting language that could run on the Java Platform. Well you are not going to read this article here, and i wish you would all have some time to visit and that is where i am currently working for. You can read my book-reviews and my tutorials from now on at The book reviews have already been posted and very soon you shall get to read a complete tutorial on BeanShell and other scripting languages.
Well For now, that is it. See you very soon.
Well the shorthand notation begins.
1. Download
2. Start the app and use the print command.
3. What are the commands available on the Bean Shell?
4. What are the advantages of using BeanShell?
5. any reader when he reads an article about something really new, he would first like to know
1. Purpose of why to study this.
2. He searches for something really exciting but advanced . yeah that is the nature of the readers. They want to do complex things but learn how to do in a simple way. So i should concentrate on doing exciting things with BeanShell.
3. What all he can do with BeanShell?
This is crucial. I am going to take up each and everything that one can do with beanshell and provide one simple example for it and infact explain the basics behind it.

Remember that i shuld not provide extreme examples , you already have them on the website, all you need to do is to put all the information in the manual in a single but superb article. This should be your basic goal.

I just donwloaded the Manual for BSH from the website and its some 96 Pages. so i gotta invest 106 to get the manual printed and spiral bounded. Once i get the manual i shud work on it.
So i should spend the next two days working on the Manual and collecting important notes.
Now i gotta prepare powerpoint slides for the best person in the world ;) I also need to report TOEFL and GRE SCores through FAX #:-s thats a tedious job man.

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