Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Running KirbyBase on IronPython

As I was looking for embedded database systems, I came across this pure python database called KirbyBase. So I decided that I would make it run on IronPython. So this post describes on how to make KirbyBase run on IronPython and using ipy.exe. Note that I am not looking at integrating this database into C# application yet. [may be in the future post]

So what are the steps?

1. Get the latest IronPython and install it on your machine. You should be seeing ipy.exe in the installation directory.

2. Get the KirbyBase download from its website.

3. Download and install Python 2.6 whose libraries are required to run the database tests.

4. Once Kirbybase and Python 2.6 are installed, look for inside kirbybase installation directory.

5. Copy the into the directory which has ipy.exe (the IronPython installation directory).

6. Modify the to include the Python and KirbyBase directories into the path. The final result should look something like shown below.


Notice that I have moved “import sys” statement ahead of “import os”. The lines 2 and 3 adds the directories for Python2.6 and KirbyBase to the path.

Then from command prompt type in the following


The result should look like shown below.


May be next time, I would like to see what it takes to integrate this database into C# application. Until then, have a nice time. Let me know if you have better approaches than what I did here. Thank you.

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