Thursday, November 20, 2008

Project : Better Money

Everyone says the economy is bad and we will all be in a crisis. And those who know me well can definitely say that my finance management skills are very bad. Now I wanted to utilize my programming skills to develop a personal finance analysis tool. The idea is to use the Wesabe API to get all my finance data and give it to a nice little WPF-based visualization tool - Better Money.

Wesabe, for those who do not know about this is a online money management tool. It is a great tool where you can add bank accounts and watch your income and expenditure. It is a great tool and the best part of it is that its just a startup!

I have gathered enough information and I know exactly on how to proceed with the development. I have not yet decided on the features that the tool shall have, but my initial plan is to develop a C# library to the Wesabe REST API. The documentation provided by Wesabi is excellent and tells you nothing more than what you really need. The C# library is intended to stand-alone so that anyone with much better GUI skills than me can utilize it instead of dealing with the REST calls. I would keep posting on the project progress every now and then. The intended release date for the C# library is 24th November 2008. As of the Better Money suite, I intend to release it before Christmas. Both the library and the suite would be free - do what ever you want as long as I do not get penalized.

If someone from Wesabe finds this post offensive and do not want me to release either the  code or the tool, then please send me an email at The idea is not to make money but help others and in the process I do not want to be slammed with a lawsuit.

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