Friday, April 11, 2008

What is my favorite programming language?

Well this was one of the tons of questions I was asked during my interview with Javaground. Anyway the environment at the company looked so serious and everyone was kind of busy all the time. I like such a challenging environment and have to see if I was "good enough" to be a part of it. I have an offer with a service company E*Trade but I am not too sure about it. Unless the pay is relatively less at Javaground, I do not want to lose an opportunity to work for them. If I work at Javaground, I would:
1. write optimized code, probably someday write a whole new book on code optimization.
2. work with one of the best minds in the software industry. great developers and everyone talks about compact and great code.
3. better future - game devs make a lot of 1. money 2. fame 3. knowledge about s/w and h/w.

Atleast from what I see, I think they are looking for a good programmer who has strong basics and knows what he writes.
What is my favorite question?
Xavier Kral, the CTO of javaground raised this question. I always felt different about different languages. So let me start one by one.
C - Definitely not my favorite.
C++ - Great language, but then not my favorite - I do not admire or adore pointers
Java - definitely a contender. Write great software in less amount of time. Java is a cool language. Come Java 7 you have closures and it would revamp the style of Java code.
C# - Right now, my best language. The language I am most good at. The C# 3.0 features are amazing.
Groovy - Definitely a great scripting language that is on top of JAva.
So what is my favorite? I feel confused. When I work on Java for a long time, I feel Java is the best thing that has happened to the developer community. But when I work on C# for a long time, I feel C# is much better than Java. So which is my best language? - I prefer C# when working on windows and I prefer Java when I want something on Linux. Both has its pros and cons.
Why game developer job?
The charisma of a game developer is totally different. A game developer is more attractive to girls than a mainframe developer. I am kidding, but I like the challenge to work on real projects which constantly puts your skill to think and code to test. It is great to actually feel as a game developer. So again the reasons I list out are:
1. Game dev make a lot of money, if not now atleast in the near future.
2. Game dev tittle is more attractive than anything else.
3. If there is a possibility that I would own my company or become a major part of a startup, then it is possible only in the Game Development Industry.
4. Even if the economy is not all that great, Game Industry will always survive -> I would always be in demand and it would only increase with time.
5. If I work hard enough, I would end up becoming a very popular developer in the community.
6. The amount of knowledge you gain as a game developer is immense. You create a form of life in the form of games and you should feel close to god!

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