Wednesday, January 09, 2008

My work till date ...

Below is a list of projects that I have developed/worked on. This is to let me have a good idea on what I have worked on, for the upcoming interviews.

Software Associate

Online banking system using CICS
Legacy Decommissioning of 21C Systems

Freelance Developer
VB.NET Scheduler Program(with GUI and Win Service)
FTP Uploader/Downloader(VB.NET)
IP and System Info(ASP.NET,C# Win Service, Binary Serialization, Set up projects in VS 2005)
C# to VB.NET Conversion(ASP.NET Project)
URL Ping Service(C# Win Forms, Set up package, SMTP Coding)
Localization in .NET(ASP.NET and WinForms examples how-to)
Social Networking (Java Servlets! Orkut clone like Software)
ASP.NET Content Management System(ASP.NET VB.NET)
Postscript Expression Evaluation in C#
Small Various VB.NET Projects
XML Serialization Tutorial and Sample project
Distributed Error Reporting Tool(C#)
Whois Lookup in VB.NET
various book reviews at
Personal Information Manager(VB.NET)
Java Servlets Project(my first work!!)
And few other small help projects.

School/Personal Work
Windows Registry Tweaker in C#
Windows Remote Desktop in C#
Bulk Mail Sender
Mail GUI and Proxy Server
Bulk Image Compressor
Mean Shift Tracker in Java
Blob Library in Java
URL Redirection Detection
Loads of Web Crawlers
Grails - BlockBusted Movie Website
and a few others which i cannot recall at this moment!

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