Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Road Trip to developing a forum : Goal accomplished

I was really busy since three days to make any update on this blog. I was working on writing a forum board from scracth on, and guys it was too hectic. My good buyer was very cooperative and inspite of having a very tough deadline, he took me with patience. Finally after around 30 hours of coding,testing,evaluation,correcting and what not, i successfully completed the Message Board, say Pre-Release of Message Board. :)) It was written in ASP.NET from scratch, i basically tested it thoroughly with Ms Access Database and later ported to SQL Server DB. This is really cool, cos with just few classnames changed, the code for works for any DB!!! Isnt that good? Ofcourse i did not make use of any Stored Procedures, which i really dont know how to write. Well guys, it was really great experience, and i would say its a dream come true. I implemented Forms Authentication too and beleive me, it is not as tough as it looks in the online articles. Very soon, i would post an article here on my blog or in my upcoming site.

Well apart from this news, we four friends are soon forming a software freelancers team.(names not disclosed :)) ). Well once we get moderate success, we shall think of expanding the unit by adding few more of my taleneted friends. But for now no vacancies :)) Wish us all the best for Embryo Software Services(well i shall change the name in another day, changed the name twice till now)

I dont have moood to talk about .NET technical issue, i am fed up and i worked for around 16 hrs each day since sunday, and it was all .NET, right now i need to relax and start Servlets Programming tomorrow. And dont expect any code segments for the forum board from me, it is the property of my buyer :)) So i cannot disclose any code here. Thanks for visiting. See you later.

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kiran said...

Hey Krish!!Good to hear about your achievement n Im thrilled after hearing abt ur "embryo" dude!!Hope u accept me in the team too!!!
If u dint' use stored procedures in ur forum,final product ela surface avuthundhi?
In ur nex blog,why dont' u give samples of "usage of stored procedures/triggers in .net web apps".This topic really is haunting me rey!!
Btb,Im inspired to blogging cos of u man,check them out!!