Saturday, February 18, 2006

Hide and Seek : WebServer utility

I just found this cool article on still cool utility that comes along with .NET 2.0 SDK; Using this utility, the article says, one doesnt need IIS to run their applications. As in the previous entry; i earlier has lot of problems setting up IIS for and this is something cool. This is really cool for beginners too - beleive me banging your head with IIS is very tough than using this utility. There are some limitations but it ll not matter for newbies. So go ahead read that article.

And you know how i found out that one? through ads on my blog :D; i am not trying to sell my blog - but that is the truth. i was clicking on the ads myself and in turn visited to devsource - made a few searches over there and got this one !! So click ads and learn something :))
By the way link for the article,1895,1886246,00.asp

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