Sunday, February 19, 2006

Chronicles of DotNetNuke:Krish, .NET 2.0 and DNN

I was just wondering how much DotNetNuke is getting popular. At RAC, I often see atleast one major DNN project every week. By major i mean it would definitely take a week or more to complete. Hey wait! What is DNN?

Well DotNetNuke is a community effort - a CMS that could be used as internet and intranet web applications. Written entirely in, it is as good as any other CMS. PhP is widely used for CMS and there are excellent such CMS in the form of phpBB, vBulletin.

Well one thing that unlike most think, CMS is not all about Forums, but it is much more. Take a look at PhpNuke based portals you can see how powerful they are. For us what interests more is that a well accepted CMS generates a lot of jobs, be it part time or full time. Like I happened to notice quite a few custom module development projects for DNN. So isnt it good?

That is the reason, i wanted to learn something about DotNetNuke, if possible contribute all i can to the Microsoft Open Source Community. If i can get atleast 10% out of DNN by end of March, then i would consider myself efficient. Trust me, there is going to be a lot of future and opportunities for those who are well versed with DNN. It has become so much popular in just an year and half(when i first learnt, Dnn wasnt that popular) There are jobs, especially my fellow guys/gals who wish to pursue MS abroad - you should learn DNN if you are well versed with ASP.NET

These days Video Based training has become so much popular. Even DNN has good training videos available, at their website, heres the link.
Training videos at :

Believe me guys, I am not wrong most of the time especially in catching things useful for career. First when i opted to learn .NET most of the people laughed thinking its not such a good idea, but today it has given me part time job and lots of satisfaction. So those who are familiar with .NET and language, you better lay your hands on DNN. join hands with me - we can learn things together.


i h yd i n g said...

This is the worst blog, i have seen till date, just another n00b in the bloggers network!!! bloggin is not copy/paste... try doing something on ur own, this guy has 0 creativity, very sad!

Anonymous said...

wow man,dats a gr8 blog,atleast for me!!you have underlied the importance of DNN n dats wat matters da most.

continue the same effort,probably by the end of march u can expect me to join u regarding DNN!!

hope to c more of u in this blog!!

kiran k

Krish said...

Fuck off if you dont want to read. Did i ask you read my blog? Creativity is not crap writing like your blog